Medical Massage


Budzek Medical Massage Therapy™

is a Nationally Recognized

complementary modality for relieving

muscular pain & related disorders


A Healthy Muscle is a muscle at rest, engorged with blood and nutrients and ready to take on the challenge of daily activities which require muscle action.

A Muscle with Tension is a contracted muscle which can not take on the task of daily activities. If this muscle does attempt to work, it can not operate at its optimal performance level. A tense contracted muscle when engaged in normal activities can result in further tension and spasms.

Spasms are areas of muscle that are tight or hypercontracted. These areas are congested, preventing circulation of blood and nutrients from moving into and out of the muscle; toxins and lactic acid are then trapped in the muscle causing pain.

Pain leads to further hypersensitivity of the nerves, increased stress hormones, shortening of the muscle, pressure in the joints, constriction of the muscle sheaths (fascia), adhesions (scar tissue), biomechanical disturbances (imbalances of muscle tone) and malaligned posture.

All of these lead to more Stress and more Pain, which results in perpetuating the Pain Spasm Cycle.





Untreated, the Pain Spasm Cycle can become chronic and create or exacerbate the following conditions:

Generalized Stress

Lack of Energy

Lack of Muscular Strength

Physical and Mental Fatigue



Nervous Irritability

Muscle and Joint Pain

Neurological Pain

Writer’s Cramp

Torticollis (Wry Neck)

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)

VDS (Video Display Syndrome)


Spinal Curvatures

Diseases that Limit Mobility (of joint, muscle or nerve origin)

Pelvic Instability

Sacroiliac pain (lumbago)


Sprains and Strains




Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Shin Splints

Bone Fractures and more.

At the Stress Relief Center the therapy of choice for these conditions is Budzek Medical Massage Therapy™.

Budzek Medical Massage Therapy™ is designed to relieve acute and chronic pain originating from muscles, nerves and joints.

Budzek Medical Massage Therapy™ is based on the principles of 12 different bodywork modalities and addresses 8 different aspects of the Musculoskeletal Pain Cycle.

It is unlike other singular therapies which only address one or two aspects of this cycle.

Budzek’s Medical Massage is not only a unique combination of therapies, it is also a Powerful Synergistic Sequence applied according to a specific 7 Point Protocol.

The Benefits of using this Unique Therapy are: Decreased Muscle Spasms * Increased local & generalized Circulation in the muscles * Decreased Neural Activity resulting in decreased trigger points * Release of Fascial Constriction * Elimination of Toxins in the localized area * Decreased Articular Pressure and Increased Range of Motion * Decreased Stress * Correction of Biomechanical disturbances .

Budzek Medical Massage Therapy™ Can Enhance Post Surgical Recovery and Decrease Complications in the following: Spinal Vertebrae * Hip & Knee Replacements * Spinal Stenosis * Bulging, Herniated and Surgically Removed Discs * Scoliosis * Spurs * Spondylosis * Cervical Dyskenisia.